Meet Victoria Farrell

Meet Victoria Farrell

Contributing Writer

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Hi I’m Victoria

I am a professional copywriter/ blogger and artist. I love to mold my way of thinking into my creations. As a writer I love to write about controversial topics that I am passionate about. Feminism, labor, economy and equal rights.

I wasn’t always like this, meaning I wasn’t so passionate about my craft nor was I word artist from the “get-go.” I was born with oculocutaneous albinism and lived in a place where everyone knew what that meant.

Life wasn’t easy, but then again nothing is. I made myself a promise when I graduated high school, that I would never feel helpless because of my physical limitations  and I would do everything in my power to free others plagued with the same feeling.

Here is my beginning, never my ending….


I grew up in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, yes that means that speak Spanish too. I had a dream of becoming a writer/artist to tell people’s stories and started my studies in journalism and graphic design  on the Island. When I was a Junior in college, the Univision station left the Island and thousands of people were left unemployed. Since, the station was one of the few employment opportunities in media in Puerto Rico. When it left, so did my few hopes of job security,  At the time, Puerto Rico’s economy was suffering from a recession and there was little to know jobs left on the Island. The youth on the Island worried about their future after graduation, myself included. So I was seriously thinking about relocating to the U.S. mainland, my aunt had already relocated to Florida a year before.


I was 20 years old when I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Florida in 2015. I was scared out of my mind, moving to another country where my English grammar wasn’t the best. I would leave my mom behind with whom I lived with for my whole life, it was me and her for as long as I can remember. I was able to transfer schools and quickly found a part time job about a month after I arrived. I won’t say the transition was easy, It’s tough being without my mom for so long, she’s my best friend and my rock. One thing I loved most about living in Florida is that NO ONE cared about my disability, no one even knew about it. Back in Puerto Rico, I couldn’t go to the store without someone pointing and whispering (as if I can’t see you) so annoying…


After my new found freedom, I started to find my passion in writing, I mean I had a job, I was studying and I was just another blond in America. I was, for the first time in my life, a wall flower. It was great!! I began to learn about immigration and race in this land where the color of your skin is an important factor, like a sort of label. For me this was so strange since where I came from there were other sorts of discrimination not involving race. I began to write for others, telling their stories and see the world how they did. It made me grow as a person and widen my perspective ten fold.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and graphic design. Lucky me, I found a job as a copywriter for a home appliance company. Here I would write about food and create fun recipes, which as a foodie was pretty cool! Sure it wasn’t social justice but it paid the bills, so I moved to Miami for this opportunity and thought that it was my destiny to write about food.
Life was good, but like in every great story, it didn’t last…


On September 2019 the company went under and I become unemployed. I was barely making rent, depending on unemployment and surviving on one client as a freelance social media manager. After this major hit to my career, everything went from bad to worse, my senior doggie (she was 17 years old) was quickly deteriorating because of her old age and her medical expenses were very costly. In October, she passed away… The grief of losing my four-legged family member and despair that came with barely paying my bills, the stress was overwhelming. I became very ill to the point that I was bed-ridden for two weeks. Honestly, I was demoralized and running out of money I had saved. I was living off my mom that had moved to Miami with me for work (she found a job as a teacher the year before). I couldn’t find ANY job, not even in sales, I would go to interviews and be promised to get hired, only to have the decision maker take it back and hire someone else. It was truly awful and had to recognize that I had hit rock bottom.


After months of not finding a job, I decided to use my passion for writing and creating as fuel to push through adversity and take back control of my life. So, here we go, I believe that we all have the strength to take control of our lives and dictate where we’ll go next.

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