Meet Ubong Ekpo

Contributing Writer

Ubong can be reached at

Hello, my name is Ubong Ekpo. I am currently an African Diaspora studies major,an English Writing minor and a Communications: Design and Digital media minor at the College of Staten Island. I have been writing my entire life it is a major passion. I currently write for my College newspaper, The Banner. Being able to express yourself is the ultimate power and I plan to fully integrate my philosophy unto the world. I am a truth based person and only write on what I know to be true. The art of writing and being in control of spreading a message is a lost passion in today’s world. In times where the legitimacy of the media is constantly challenged, we need writers with strong voices who are not afraid to be true journalist.

As a first generation Nigerian American, I have a unique outlook and experience on life. I want my articles to be thought provoking, spread knowledge and cause people to think beyond a two dimensional level. In such sensitive times, it’s time for writers to report on a three dimensional

level.I hope with being on a large platform,I can showcase my talents and knowledge. I feel as a young person it’s important to have a platform where our voices can be heard. if anyone would like to build with me. I also have also just started my own blog entitled Ubong’s Chaos. I hope that my writings are influential and give readers a brand new experience. Thank you and enjoy!

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