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Rachel Brooks is best known as the creator of the passion news project The New African Living Standard abbrev. NALS. NALS is a workshop and student social media news network by Africans for Africans to tell the stories that the Western media fails to spot. Because it is a work of charity, NALS reporters are not paid and no money is made off of NALS stories.

The FirmRock Farm Review
As the press manager at FirmRock Children’s Helper Kenya, Rachel Brooks created the FirmRock Farm Review as a charity newspaper used to leverage media to help FirmRock meet its passion-based goals. FirmRock Farm Review takes the reader behind the scenes of local co-op struggles in Kenya, amid years of savage droughts and corresponding flash floods ravages.

The Uganda Charity Herald
Under the same umbrella as The New African Living Standard, Brooks helped to create the Uganda Charity Herald. This journal was created by local Ugandans for local Ugandans to tackle issues important to local citizens and to debunk substandard reportage from foreign media/state media.

Other projects Rachel Brooks worked with
Outside of her work with the NALS network, Rachel Brooks has also reported background for US-Shanghai trade with the Chinese-language media company Global Market Media. She has also written for brands in the nDash content community as a tech reporter for SDKs, cybersecurity, and more.

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