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Oliver Martin is currently in his third year of study at Kenyon College as an English Major with a Creative Writing Focus, along with a Minor in Spanish. He loves writing and has done many projects in the creative realm as short fiction, longer non-fiction pieces, as well as poetry.

He is a native of Summit, New Jersey and the fifth of five children in his family. Growing up playing practically every sport, he excelled in both soccer and lacrosse during his time in high school winning New Jersey state championships in each sport as captain for both teams. He now plays collegiate lacrosse at Kenyon College.

Oliver has been published for his writing in both English and Spanish languages. In the past he helped write for American Gene Technologies about their progress in developing a cure for the HIV/AIDS virus. He was also published in the spanish literary magazine at Kenyon College, ‘A medio camino’ for his poem Lluvia limpia, agua sucia.

Oliver has aspirations of writing for television one day, rooted in his days during high school as vice president of the comedy club. He was always eager to act out in skits and videos he wrote with his classmates, and developed a love for writing in this fashion. His true love for writing was propelled by winning the Justin Literary Society Award for Best Body of Work his senior year of high school for a 27-page short story he penned entitled, Excellence with Honor.

He cites his greatest inspirations as: J.R.R. Tolkien, Ernest Hemingway, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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