Meet Michael J Trigg

Contributing Writer

Michael can be reached at

I grew up in New Zealand where in my teens, I trained as a mechanic / welder / fitter. After leaving New Zealand I worked around Australia and in New Guinea, immigrating to Canada in 1969. I travelled and worked around Canada and the US, returning to Vancouver in 1974, Got married in Vancouver and started my own automotive business with a business partner in 1974.

In 1992, myself and 3 partners created a company called First Entertainment Corp, developing toys and games that we had made in China and distributed internationally. I was leader of the group that negotiated agreements with Toys R Us, K-Mart, Walmart, and several other chains for the company product line.

I was later head hunted by an English company, BTV, (British Television LLC) who were setting up a production facility in Vancouver. I acted as an Executive Producer for the company traveling to film and TV trade shows internationally, raising money and negotiating distribution deals for the company’s productions, both present and future. After two years of globe-trotting, I decided the travel too onerous and I needed a more stable occupation, so I obtained my life insurance and financial advisor license and after a year with a major company, opened my own agency that I operated until selling out in 2012.

After selling my insurance agency I started Handshake Business Consultants, assisting small to medium companies. I have written many business plans, marketing plans, a great deal of web content, blog posts, some fiction and nonfiction books and technical handbooks.

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