Meet Melissa Darling

Contributing Writer

Melissa can be reached at

My name is Melissa Darling, and I am now a contributing writer for the Telegraph Local. I received a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Oneonta simultaneously with an AAS Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have a passion for people, writing, culture, and consistently learning new ways to incorporate more efficient ways of working. I live in New York City and am from Long Island originally; therefore New York has always been my home. My passion for writing began at a young age and has been carried with me throughout my life. I now am in a place where I can express that passion and am so grateful. My past work experiences include positions in the fashion and publishing industries.

Working in fashion and publishing in New York creates a certain type of fast paced mind and entrepreneurial spirit that I now will always be apart of me. Writing also requires this degree of entrepreneurial drive that I can tap into whenever I need it. I am thankful for all the roads that led me here and all of the new opportunities around every corner. I also have a passion for traveling around the world, so taking my writing with me wherever I go is thrilling. I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for me!

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