Meet Katrina Hapner

Contributing Writer

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Katrina Hapner spent the first 21 years of her professional life in the medical field as a medical assistant for a chiropractor, a medical transcriptionist working mostly from home, as well as scheduling and registration for a major Chicago hospital.  Family and friends seem to mistakenly believe she is a doctor and comes to her with questions regarding their ailments.

However, being an avid reader since the age of 12, she was always interested in writing, and started her first book at the age of 14, which was never finished.  Friends would call her the “grammar queen” and make fun of her use of “big words”.  A college degree was always something she wanted to accomplish, so at the age of 38, she decided to enroll.  She finished her BA in English and immediately went on to earn her Master’s in English/Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Currently she has one book in the works that was started as her thesis for college, and several ideas for more.  She is also the editor of Darwin’s Flock a friend’s book that was published on Amazon.

She enjoys artistic scrapbooking and has had several pages published in craft magazines.  She also plays too much bingo, binge watches numerous sci-fi/fantasy TV shows, and is a gamer who currently is addicted to Elder Scrolls. She hopes to publish her own fiction of a sci-fi/fantasy nature and write freelance.  She resides in the second largest city in Indiana with her daughter, two cats, and two geriatric dogs.

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