Meet Donovan Wilkins

Donovan Wilkins

Contributing Writer

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Donovan Wilkins, 25, is an artist with ties to various forms of creative arts. If he’s not writing, Donovan Wilkins is busy expressing his creative potential which may include fashion, music, photography, and theatre. There is never a dull moment in this creator’s life.

From the young age of 6, Donovan Wilkins’ life has been heavily influenced by some of the greatest minds in literature, art, music, and fashion. Donovan Wilkins’ passion for the art of writing began as nothing more than a hobby. What once held a purpose as a gateway for a child’s highly creative bloomed into a career-defining journey. From fashion to gaming, Donovan has written countless articles dedicated to exploring the inner workings of those industries. As a person who is anti-social media, Donovan tends to carry a leather-bound journal as opposed to his laptop.

While he might based his career on writing, Donovan Wilkins’ talents hold no bounds. While traveling the earth, Donovan tends to carry a 35mm film camera to capture some of life’s best features. His passion for Photography has lead Donovan to work with some of the most well-known artists on Earth. Donovan Wilkins has taken his love of photography to the runway of fashion. In his spare time, Donovan loves to bring artistic fashion to everyday life.

Donovan Wilkins has written two poetry books, “When There’s Nothing Left to Burn” and “Youthful Hubris”. Aside from writing, Donovan’s images have been on display at various events based in his hometown of Philadelphia.

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