Meet Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer

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Colby Wonacott has been a freelance writer since graduating high school in 2014 at American Heritage School. His love of sports and urban culture, specifically football and basketball strayed him into having the passion to write about sports and current urban topics. Being raised by a black mother and a white father gave him a unique perspective on the world being able to see both sides of issues.

Uber Athletic since birth, Colby played football in high school and 1 brief year of college football at North Western Oklahoma State University. After not liking the situation of the school, Colby left and went back to his hometown to start working. Colby had found a career in carpentry while raising his son with his high school sweetheart and now wife.

With his continued passion for sports, movies and writing, Colby stayed busy writing for a couple different blogs but mostly writing on his own while working construction full time. Carpenter by day and writer throughout the night working on his craft. Never losing hope, he knew his calling was writing great stories for readers.

Colby grew up in South Florida, born and raised in Broward County. As a Miami Dolphins fan, Colby knows what it exactly means to constantly struggle while trying to gain success since becoming a fan at 7 years old. So choosing the path of writing follows suit quite perfectly.

Born in 1996, making him a 90s baby and a millennial. Which means listening respectfully to elders while waiting patiently to move up the “corporate ladder” is my generations way…. just kidding Boomer!

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