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Cody Roark
Cody Roark

Contributing Writer

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Cody Roark has been a Writer since his years in high school. He grew up in Smyth County, Southwest Virginia. After graduating high school, Cody joined the United States Marine Corps for a short stint before being medically discharged under honorable conditions. Continuing his writing throughout the years, he found a career as a carpenter to provide for his family. He finally decided to make his writing a full-time career and quit his day job as a carpenter to pursue his true passion in being a Writer. Cody became a full-time Writer in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.

Before coming to Telegraph Local, he had completed multiple freelance writing jobs and started work on his first novel that he plans to self-publish in early 2020. Cody also has his own blog, The Dad of All Trades, that you can visit here:

Cody has interests in military history and current events, finance, crafting, philosophy, and many more. He can write on a myriad of topics while performing in-depth research on anything he covers.

Born in 1993, among the mountains of Virginia, Cody has always had a fascination with books and writing. As a child, he made many attempts at writing books and short stories of his own that he held onto for years. The passion he developed early in life and the love and support of his family are what carries his writing to higher levels today.

Cody is married to his high school sweetheart, Allison, and they have four beautiful children between them. He currently resides in Virginia with his family and cats writing for Telegraph Local, completing freelance writing tasks, and working on his novel.

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