Meet Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer

Cathy can be reached at

I am a writer and so I write. And but I digress.

Writing is something I wholeheartedly enjoy, because writing represents to me sharing others, being in addition to my life experiences as well. Albeit, being seen from several points of views, and, fortunately, however at the end of the day, sharing is caring.

In addition, the reporting of facts, observations, and or my take on it something, or another, represents much care and responsibility, being along side accountability, which must exercised in how one does report these things as such.

I am graduate, ummm, not a recent one, as you all can see, of the University of South Carolina Upstate, although I spent most of my informative years in South Florida, where I was born, raised, and bred. Love those Dolphins.

I love my family very much, they tend to keep me focused on the future when it comes to climate change, Injustice, etc, etc. You get it, I care.

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