Meet Brittney Curtis

Contributing Writer

Brittney can be reached at

My name is Brittney Curtis. I am a contributing writer for Telegraph Local. I studied Digital Media Production at College of Southern Maryland. I have a passion for music, journalism, writing, and movies. I am hoping to gain more opportunities as I am a new writer on the scene and to learn more about honing my craft.

My passion for writing is something that runs in my family, I come from a long line of writers, painters and musicians. So, as you can see everyone in my family has a talent for the arts in many forms. I started off a poet, I was always asked to write poems for many school events as a child. As I got older, I became hungry for more of a challenge. I started writing about local events and new as a teen and I never stopped.

I was born and raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland and I also lived in Washington, DC while growing up. As a youth I grew to love the news and media. I loved all the information and theories I learned from all the different article I’ve read growing up. That’s where my passion and skills for writing started to develop.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of gaining as much info about certain topics and being able to share what I have learned through writing papers/articles. I hope to grow as a writer by reviewing the feedback from my readers and other writers that I work alongside of.

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