Meet Benjamin Minick

Contributing Writer

Benjamin can be reached at

Benjamin Minick is an accredited international journalist and blog author. He specializes in defense and politics. Ben has worked in the military and technology sector for over 20 years. Ben walked away from corporate America in 2019 to pursue his passion, began writing full time.

Ben grew up in San Diego, California, and studied computer science and aviation, following in the footsteps of his father. When he was younger, he wrote reams and reams of poetry and short stories, but fell victim to the belief that writing was less than masculine! Those were poor choices.

When he isn’t writing Ben can be found adventuring all over the upper Midwest. He and his wife Brittany have six children and homes in both Minnesota and North Dakota. Fishing is a way of life year-round. In the summer, he can be found at the lake with a fishing pole in his hand and his laptop right beside him.

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