Meet Adonis Richards

Contributing Writer

Adonis can be reached at

Adonis Richards grew up in a large family with low income in Schenectady, New york. The harsh realities of that lifestyle developed an indurate work ethic and determination to make a better living.

It is with that determination that Adonis Left home and attended college at the State University of New York at Potsdam where he studied political science. Finding a fancy to history and how it was curated, Adonis developed a premature interest in writing based on his own natural talent to create compelling stories by making complex concepts feel simple to readers. It was here That Adonis earned his first contributing writing position for his school’s paper where he wrote intimate and informal pieces on sports, black history and politics.

Although he had a natural talent for writing, It wasn’t till Adonis was into his masters at Potsdam studying leadership and technology in education that he discovered a passion for scribing. It was then that he began developing his own personal blog while completing his masters and dedicating himself to creating powerful content that included sports, history, and poetry for those that viewed his content.

Adonis is now an aspiring writer, pursuing his passion via his website and through poetry creating compelling stories that connect to readers intimately and interpersonally. You may find his website at He is also an author, preparing to complete his poetry book in late 2019.

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