Crossword Puzzles

Welcome to our crossword puzzle

1. Whats Blue?
2. Tickle me
3. Richmond
4. Baffle with a tough question
5. Batmans Enemy
6. To sip on
7. Narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas across a body of water. The plural form
8. Periods of longterm reductions in the Earth's temperature.
9. colloquial term that describes the amount of power a battery has or lacks.
10. Sole
11. Set in the fictional city of Agrabah near the Jordan River in the Middle East.
12. Game in which each player is given a limited amount of time to make a move
13. A person who spend a lot of time looking at the net
14. Just throwing out there, briefly
15. One charging a flat rate?
16. Brother powder?
17. Leaning column?
18. Strips in a club
19. Yep, perfectly clear.’
20. BooHoo