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Barry Berke urges Trump impeachment

By Daniel Lehewych Contributer| Telegraph Local See my Medium Page Democratic House judiciary committee counsel Barry Berke, on Monday, during the congressional impeachment hearings on President Trump has called for the impeachment of the president. In his statement to Congress, Berke outlined his reasoning behind the urgency of his pronouncement of the necessity of impeachment. This […]

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The NATO talks get heated between Macron and Trump

By Rachel Brooks Contributor| The Telegraph Local  See New African Living Standard The NATO talks between member countries were a bit unsettling.  The discussions will put “focus on shifting geopolitical relations and military threats”, citing CNBC. Citing Reuters, the NATO leaders are being compelled to spend more money on their militaries as President Trump insists […]

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Federal prosecutors open criminal probe of opioid makers and distributors, report says

By Rachel Brooks Contributor| Telegraph Local  See New African Living Standard ______ Games of trade often go this way. The supply chain withers and production stills. Global growth appears to be on the decline in 2019. Citing Reuters, US manufacturing took the nosedive to a 10-year low as trade tensions increase this September.   Citing the […]

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New charges likely in case against Rudy Giuliani associates, prosecutors say

By Daniel Lehewych Contributer| Telegraph Local See my Medium Page As of Monday, December 2nd, federal prosecutors say that they are likely to file new criminal charges against associates of President Trump’s personal lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Although it is the case that no definitive decision has been made yet regarding these […]

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Lisa Page Ex-FBI lawyer targeted by Trump breaks silence

By Daniel LehewychContributing Writer for Telegraph Local See my Medium page Lisa Page, the Ex-FBI Lawyer whose text messages two years ago criticized President Trump during his 2016 candidacy has broken her silence. Her silence being broken is following her being frequently targeted by President Trump’s conspiracy smears. Ever since Page’s name made news stories […]