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Fresh Thyme hepatitis A outbreak cause

By Rachel Brooks Contributor | Telegraph Local  See The New African Living Standard  The question on healthcare investigators minds this week_what is the source of all these hepatitis A outbreaks? With repeat cases of hepatitis, listeria and other foodborne illness contaminating US groceries and restaurants, the question remains unsolved. Telegraph Local investigated and developed a […]

This Week's Food-borne Outbreaks Listeria and Hepatitis A in the News

This Week’s Food-borne Outbreaks: Listeria and Hepatitis A in the News

By Ruth Hancock for Telegraph Local This week saw several outbreaks of food-borne illness around the United States. Initially, a hepatitis A outbreak in Yakima county in Washington state was reported to be linked to blackberries. Shortly thereafter, multiple other mid-western states reported hepatitis A outbreaks that has also been linked to blackberries. Finally, Florida […]

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Trader Joe’s products recalled over possible listeria contamination

By Rachel Brooks Contributor | Telegraph Local  See New African Living Standard  Trader’s Joe’s recalls products over possible listeria contamination after a series of infectious foodborne diseases have swept across the US. Citing People, Trader Joe’s locations have recalled ready-to-eat sushi meals and Queso Fundido Spicy Cheese Dip. Trader Joe’s issued this recall voluntarily in […]

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Federal prosecutors open criminal probe of opioid makers and distributors, report says

By Rachel Brooks Contributer| The Telegraph Local  See New African Living Standard  The opioid epidemic saga scrolls on like some never-ending film credits of all those lives it is ending. Federal prosecutors open a criminal probe of the makers and distributors of opioids, citing the Wall Street Journal. This time the authorities pull some plays […]