President Trump Symptom-Free for 48 Hours

Fox News reported that President Donald Trump has been symptom-free for 24 hours since returning to the White House on Monday.  The president had spent the weekend at Walter Reed Medical Center while being treated for COVID-19.

“The President this morning says ‘I feel great!’,” White House physician Dr. Sean Conley wrote in a memo to press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. “His physical exam and vital signs, including oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, all remain stable and in normal range.”

Conley’s report on Trump’s health said that the president, “now been fever-free for more than 4 days, symptom-free for over 24 hours, and has not needed nor received any supplemental oxygen since initial hospitalization.”

Trump is receiving additional treatment for the virus at the White House.

Dr. Conley’s report included information about the president’s antibodies.  “The president’s labs demonstrated detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2-IgG antibodies on Monday October 5th,” a significant change from last Thursday when no antibodies were detectable, as reported by the BBC.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters that all those coming into direct contact with the president had”full PPE, masks, goggles and the like”.

The vice presidential debate on Wednesday evening featured candidates Kamala Harris and VP Mike Pence behind plexiglass barriers and positioned 12 feet apart as additional precautionary measures.

Trump is scheduled to debate Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the second time on October 15.  The debate will be held in Miami, barring any further complications to the president from the coronavirus.

The president appeared on a video posted on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.  In the video, the president talks about his experience with an experimental drug administered to him during his stay at Walter Reed.  The drug is produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.  

As for Trump’s continuing recovery from COVID-19, Dr. Conley said, “We’ll continue to closely monitor and I will update you as I know more.”

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