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Biden Launches Train Tour

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All aboard the Build Back Better Express!

Today Joe Biden will make his first campaign stop in Ohio since March, after Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

Billed as the “Build Back Better Express”, the train tour will kick off in Cleveland at 9:45 a.m. before making stops in Alliance, Ohio, Pittsburgh and Greensburg, Pennsylvania before Biden will attend an event in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, according to News5 Cleveland.

Ohio especially is seen as very important to the Biden campaign, as Trump won the state in 2016 by more than 8 points.

Credit: Russ Mitchell, 3News

This election year, voting polls show Ohio as a virtual toss-up that Biden feels he’ll need to devote more resources to.

Three separate polls of likely Ohio voters were released last week, with two showing a toss-up race and one showing Biden leading slightly, says news site Cleveland.com.

What Does “Build Back Better” Mean?

The term “Building Back Better” has been used many times by different organizations, from the United Nations’ Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction to the World Health Organization referring to Sustainable Mental Health Care after Emergencies.

In Joe Biden’s case, it stands for economic recovery.

From Biden’s campaign site, “Build Back Better” is a jobs and economic recovery plan for working families.

According to the site:

Building back better means an updated social contract that treats American workers and working families as essential at all times, not just times of crisis.

“Building back better means helping small businesses and entrepreneurs come out the other side of this crisis strong while demanding more from corporate America.”

The site also adds, “Today, Biden is releasing details on the first part of his agenda, with a separate factsheet on his strategy for manufacturing and innovation to ensure the future is made in America, in all of America, by American workers.”

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