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Absentee Ballots found in Ditch in Wisconsin

An investigation is underway to determine how 3 trays of mail, including absentee ballots, wound up in a ditch in Wisconsin, Fox News reported.  The mail was returned to the Postal Service.

 “We are aware of some mail, including absentee ballots, recovered in Greenville, Outagamie County earlier this week. The United States Postal Inspection Service has asked the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to conduct an investigation regarding these issues. The Postal Service will respond to the OIG findings once the investigation is concluded. We have no further information to provide at this time,” a Postal Service statement said, according to CBS 42.

The incident highlights the controversy over the safety and security of mail-in and absentee voting.  President Trump has warned about the dangers of mass mail-in voting in the past. 

The November election is expected to see an unprecedented increase in the absentee ballots and mail-in voting due to fears from the coronavirus pandemic.  “We expect more than 3 million Wisconsin residents to vote in the November election, which means even more first-time absentee by mail voters,” said Meagan Wolfe, the elections commission’s administrator.

Wolfe said that historically around 6% of Wisconsin voters choose absentee ballots, but that already this year in 2 primaries that figure has exceeded sixty percent.  

As reported by Fox News, thousands of voters throughout Wisconsin complained earlier this year that they did not receive their requested absentee ballots.  The Washington Examiner reported that 1,600 absentee ballots were discovered in a post office in Wisconsin the day after the April primary and were not counted.  This was in addition to 2,693 absentee ballots that were not properly counted due to technical difficulties.

Earlier this month the state mailed out 2.6 million informational packets concerning options for voting in November.  

This is a developing story.

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