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CNN’s Don Lemon Backtracks on “blow up the entire system” comment

Don Lemon has attempted to clarify his remarks on his show Monday evening where he called for abolishing the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court Fox News reported.  The CNN anchor’s original comments came in a short discussion at the end of his show with incoming host Chris Cuomo.

The exchange began with Lemon suggesting, “We’re going to have to blow up the entire system.” 

“I don’t know about that. You’ve just got to vote,” Cuomo replied.

Lemon continued to push his point, saying “You know what we’re going to have to do?… You’re going to have to get rid of the electoral college. Because the minority in this country get to decide who our judges are and who our president is. Is that fair?”

Cuomo then said, “You need a constitutional amendment to do that.”

“And if Joe Biden wins, Democrats can stack the courts and they can do that amendment and get it passed,” Lemon said.

Lemon received criticism for his remarks, including from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who charged that Lemon said “the quiet part out loud,” according to CBN News.

Lemon sought to backtrack on his comments on his show on Tuesday.  He insisted that he was joking when he suggested blowing up the system.  In another exchange with Cuomo, Lemon said “I woke up and I saw all of these headlines, ‘Don Lemon is calling for the abolishing of the electoral college!’ But I was responding to you when you said we need people with integrity! I was responding to you when you said we want people with integrity in office and I said, ‘Well, then we’ve got to blow up the whole system, right?’ And I said here’s what Democrats can do and that’s the danger- they can’ stack the court. But all of a sudden, I am calling for the abolishing of the electoral college… and that I’m a Democrat because I said ‘we.’ I mean the American people!”

He did not back down from his call for the abolition of the Electoral College, however.  “Run and tell this: I do think that we need to look at the electoral college because I think it disenfranchises voters, both Democrats and Republicans,” the CNN anchor said. “If you’re in a blue state and all of the electoral votes go to the Democratic person, then the Republicans’ votes aren’t counted, the people who voted for the Republican candidate! So I do think it should be looked at because I think it does disenfranchise certain people. Should it be abolished? It’s not for me to say. I’m saying this is what Democrats are saying; stack, the courts, get rid of the electoral college. But there is no nuance and no context anymore so who cares.”

The Electoral College has been a target of Democrats and leftists since the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump won the Electoral College handily despite trailing runner-up Hillary Clinton in the overall popular vote total.

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