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Dem Rep Seen Rapping In Leaked Video, Calling Trump Supporters ‘Racist’ And ‘Loony’

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A September 2019 video allegedly featuring  Democrat Representative Sean Casten rapping and taking aim at Trump supporters has surfaced online.

Fox News reports that in the video, Casten says things such as “There’s so many problems in the world today, and so many politicians are unwilling to say anything that might alienate their base but what do you do when that base is racist and science-denying and loony?”

The video is from a Sept. 28, 2019, private campaign event at a local bar in Illinois where the first-term congressman performed with his own band.

Who Is Sean Casten?

Sean Casten represents Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, located in suburbs west of Chicago, and is serving as a freshman in the 116th Congress. 

A resident of Downers Grove, Illinois, Rep. Casten earned a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Middlebury College in 1993, and 1998, he earned a Master of Engineering Management and a Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

Casten is no stranger to making insults regarding Trump.

In one audio interview, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Casten makes comparisons between President Trump and Osama Bin Laden, saying, “In many ways—and I don’t mean to sound overly, I don’t know, hyperbolic on this—Trump and Osama Bin Laden have a tremendous amount in common,” 

“They have both figured out how to use the bully pulpit to activate marginalized young men,” Casten said. “Every demagogue has done this—find a group of angry people and give them something to be angry at.”

Casten has also derided gun owners in the past, bizarrely blaming gun ownership on “small genitals.”

Mocked mercilessly online for the gun control statement, Casten later said it was a joke:

Casten’s congressional opponent, Jeanne Ives, who is running against him in November says it was Casten’s “most cringe-worthy attempt to stoke hate & division yet.”

Ives goes on to say, “The video is important, however, because it shows the way Sean Casten and his supporters talk about those who disagree with him behind closed doors: “racists,” “deniers,” “looney.” “It’s a problem.”

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