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Birmingham Stabbing Suspect Arrested Following Deadly Spree Of Attacks

The suspect known as the ‘Birmingham knifeman’ was arrested on Monday, after starting a vicious knife attack on random people in the streets of Birmingham, England.

The knife attacks left one person dead and at least seven others injured.

West Midlands Police arrested a 27-year-old man in connection with the stabbings in Birmingham city centre on Saturday night.

The first attack happened in Constitution Hill followed by further stabbings in Livery Street, Irving Street and finally Hurst Street.

Twenty-three-year-old Jacob Billington was stabbed in Irving Street as he was out with school friends from Liverpool visiting one of their group who is studying in Birmingham.

Sadly Jacob died from his injuries. Another friend, also 23, was seriously injured and remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Birmingham Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Steve Graham, said, “We issued CCTV footage of the suspect and had a strong response from the public. I’d like to thank everyone who shared our appeal and who provided information to the investigation.”

The suspect, who remains unnamed, hasn’t given a motive for the stabbings. At least one witness says the attacker had “confronted a victim about chatting to a girl – before suddenly plunging a knife into his head.”

“Then he ran up the road and stabbed a woman.”

Bar owner Savvas Sfrantzis, 64, revealed how he watched in horror as the attacker knifed a woman the neck as she screamed “he’s stabbing me” before walking off.

He said: “I saw it with my own eyes. He put the knife in her neck and walked off. She was only young, maybe in her twenties. 

“He didn’t panic, he didn’t look like he was worried. He looked relaxed about what he had done.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said the events had left the city “in shock”.

“I’m pleased officers moved so quickly to compile and analyse the evidence available to track down the suspect and make an arrest. I hope this offers some comfort to the people of the West Midlands who have been so understandably worried.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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