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Trump Tours Riot-Ravaged Kenosha

USA Today reports that President Trump toured Kenosha, Wisconsin to get a better overview of fire-ravaged buildings destroyed in protests and met with several other small businesses damaged amid citywide unrest, including owners of a furniture store, a camera shop and a candle factory, according to the White House. 

“You went through hell just a few days ago, but I feel so safe,” Trump said. “We’re safe because of law enforcement.” 

ABC News quoted Trump as claiming that the city would have been “burned to the ground by now” had he not intervened.

Kenosha, Wisconsin has become the latest hotspot that has been escalated by racial tensions. Jacob Blake’s shooting (he was shot seven times in the back by police last month in Kenosha) punctuated continuing, nationwide protests over police brutality and racism against Black Americans.

President Trump refused to engage on the matter Tuesday. At a roundtable with local officials and reporters, Trump did not mention Blake by name.

Fox News reports that The president announced $1 million to Kenosha law enforcement “so you have extra money to go out and do what you have to do.” He also announced $4 million to support local businesses affected by the violence, and $42 million to support public safety statewide — including support for law enforcement and prosecutors.

“These are not acts of peaceful protest but really domestic terror,” 

President Trump responding to a question about the ongoing protests in the USA

Trump kept up a very pro-police attitude while visiting Kenosha, saying, “They have a quarter of a second to make a decision, and if they make a wrong decision one way or another, they’re either dead, or they’re in big trouble — and people have to understand that,” he said.

Attorney General Bill Barr and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf accompanied the president on his trip to Kenosha.

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Posted by Kenosha News on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

“They choke. Just like in a golf tournament, they miss a three-foot putt,”

President Trump talking on why police sometimes shoot people in the back.

Interestingly, Trump drew a comparison to officers who shoot people in the back to golfers who “choke” and miss a three-foot putt.

They choke. Just like in a golf tournament, they miss a three-foot putt,” Trump told Fox News host Laura Ingraham in an interview that aired Monday — appearing to mitigate an officer’s actions.

President Trump also touched on the ongoing violence in Portland, Oregon, saying that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was “incompetent” after the Democrat blamed Trump for the violent confrontation that led to the killing of a Patriot Prayer supporter in the Oregon city over the weekend.

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