Paul, Buck Call for Official Investigation into Riots

Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ken Buck are calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate who is funding the violent protests occurring across the country, Fox News reported.  Paul and his wife were accosted by a mob while they were returning to their hotel after the Republican National Convention concluded.

Paul (R-KY) wanted to know exactly who is behind the violence he and others experienced last week in Washington, D.C. and other places around the country.  “My question is: Who are these people?” he said. “Who paid for their hotel rooms? Who flew them in? Law enforcement needs to look at the funding of violent criminal activity like this.”  He also called upon Democratic politicians to acknowledge the problem.  “And national Democrats need to confront it. It’s organized. It’s paid for. It’s violent. It’s not about Black lives or any lives; it’s about anarchy and destruction.”

 Paul continued, “The American people are starting to catch on and grow tired of it. So I ask Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris this: Will you stand up finally and denounce this violence and destruction? Will you quit inciting it and urge other leaders to do the same?”  The violence and riots across the country were not addressed or even mentioned during the Democratic National Convention.

Representative Buck (R-CO) joined Paul in calling for a formal investigation into the riots.  He tweeted, “The Justice Department needs to open an investigation into who is funding these violent riots.” He had earlier commented on the attack on Paul and his wife, pointing out the double standard applied to the different parties.  “If the Tea Party threatened a Democratic Senator and assaulted police officers like this, it would be leading CNN,” Buck said on Friday. “Every conservative politician would be asked to condemn it. Where is the outrage?”

Other victims of last week’s mob attacks included economist Stephen Moore and Georgia Democratic Representative Vernon Jones.  Moore described what happened to him when a group of young white people in their 20s and 30s approached him as he left the RNC last Thursday to Yahoo!Money. “They came up to me in a very menacing way,” he said. “I was afraid. They kind of surrounded me and shouted ‘you f—pig kind of thing and they had a kind of deranged look on their face… a police officer who was down the street about a block away came and escorted me out of there.”

Jones, a black man, was targeted with racial slurs after he left the White House following President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.  He challenged the leaders of his party to address and condemn the violence.  “Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the entire DNC and Congress and all the state heads and chairs of Democratic parties, they need to come out and denounce this hatred, this vitriol, condemn Black Lives Matter and then Antifa,” Jones said. He, too, called for investigations into the riots. “Congress should hold hearings … and hear testimonies from those of us who are being attacked. It should also do a thorough investigation to see who’s funding … these professional domestic terrorists, and they should be held accountable,” he said.

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