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CNN Mocked For Coverage Of Violent Riots, Arson In Kenosha, Wi.

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‘fiery but mostly peaceful protest’

CNN chyron

According to Fox News and other major news sites, CNN was mocked badly for their overage of the protests and riots going on in Kenosha Wisconsin.

The reason being was when CNN national correspondent Omar Jimenez was reporting live in the early hours on Tuesday morning, the chyron, or on-air graphic at the bottom of the screen read, “FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING.”

Jimenez was standing in front of burning buildings at the time.

The protests were sparked by a widely circulated cellphone video showing a white police officer, now identified as Rusten Sheskey, shooting Blake seven times in the back on Sunday.

Jimenez added, “It wasn’t until nightfall that things began to get a little bit more contentious. Thing were thrown, back-and-forth; police started using some of those crowd dispersal tactics like tear gas, even playing very loud sounds to push them out.”

“And then, what you’re are seeing, the common theme that ties all of this together, is an expression of anger and frustration over what people feel like has become an all too familiar story playing out in places from across the country, not just here in Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

There were also plenty of scathing tweets going around about the CNN gaffe. Matt Whitlock had this tweet to share from Caleb Hull:

The Daily Caller says “No, really” in their retweet:

Eric Trump called CNN an embarrassment:

To fart out something this addled, you have to believe it yourself.

Allahpundit, HotAir

“This is CNN’s copy team demonstrating that it’s unable to conceptualize what’s happening in Kenosha as anything but good on balance.”, says Allahpundit from Hot Air.

“The standard read on why the media does things like this is that they’re trying to ingratiate themselves to the left, but I don’t think that’s true in this case. Spin like this will draw much more flak from the center and right than it will praise from progressives.”

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