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Missing Kansas Mom Marilane Carter’s Body Likely Found

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Although positive identification has not been made yet, authorities in Arkansas believe they have found the body of a Kansas woman who has been missing for more than two weeks. 

The remains are believed to be those of 36-year-old Marilane Carter. A credit card with her name on it was also in the vehicle, according to KAKE ABC.

Fox4KC reported that the mother of three and the local pastor’s wife was last seen around August 3. She left home on Saturday, saying she wanted to seek mental health treatment.

The family believes she was heading for Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham where she once worked as a chaplain.

WREG reports that the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department said that Mrs. Carter’s vehicle, with what’s believed to be her remains was found inside a shipping container in a remote field, down a gravel road about a quarter of a mile off Interstate 55 in eastern Arkansas.

Although the shipping containers that were located in a field had been noticed before, they were not searched initially.

According to the sheriff’s office, it was Carter’s uncle who finally looked inside the shipping container. Carter’s family came to the Memphis area over the weekend to search for her, and everyone returned home except her uncle.

He was combing the area where Carter’s phone last pinged and found three shipping containers in a field. The door on one of them was open. Carter’s uncle looked inside and found the vehicle with the body inside. 

No foul play was suspected.

“I believe that anything that happened, happened by her own doing,” Chief Todd Grooms said.

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