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Liberal Networks Ignore Massive Riots in Downtown Chicago

Massive riots in downtown Chicago received no coverage on MSNBC and less than three minutes were devoted to the developing story on CNN reported Fox News.  The rioting happened early on Monday morning.

Both of the networks lean significantly to the left.  They have a history of failing to cover stories that do not fit their biases.  In July neither network carried the story of a mass shooting outside a Chicago area funeral home that injured 15 people, and MSNBC failed to provide any coverage of the most recent Joe Biden gaffes or the Jeffrey Epstein-related documents that showed former President Bill Clinton had spent time on Epstein’s private island despite earlier denials by Clinton’s spokepersons.

The most recent Chicago rioting was sparked by a shooting of a 20-year-old man while he was running from police.  The man was shot when he turned and fired at the officers according to WGN9 in Chicago.  The suspect is expected to survive.  Thirteen Chicago police officers were injured in the riots and over 100 people have been arrested on charges including looting, disorderly conduct, and battery against a police officer.

Misinformation quickly spread that the suspect was a child.  “Tempers flared, fueled by misinformation as the afternoon turned into evening. CPD became aware of several social media posts encouraging looting downtown,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said. “Officers were dispatched to our downtown area once we got word of the social media posts. Four hundred officers were dispatched to our downtown.”

Brown described one particularly dangerous situation.  “In one incident, officers were arresting a suspect who was seen carrying a cash register he had looted out of a store.  As officers were making the arrest, another vehicle passed by the officers and fired shots at the :officers, as their vehicle turned the corner, resulting in an exchange in gunfire between officers and the suspects. A bullet was found lodged in the cage of the police vehicle,” Brown reported.

Chicago officials, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot quickly condemned the violence.  “These individuals engaged in what only could be described as brazen and extensive criminal looting and destruction. To be clear, this had nothing to do with legitimate, protected First Amendment expression,” Lightfoot said.  She offered a warning to anyone involved in the rioting saying, “To those engaged this criminal behavior, let’s be clear: we are coming after you.”  Superintendent Brown said, “This was not an organized protest. Rather, this was an incident of pure criminality. This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.”

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, a Chicago native and founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition had harsh words for the rioters, too.  In a tweet, Jackson wrote, “This act of pillaging, robbing & looting in Chicago was humiliating, embarrassing & morally wrong. It must not be associated with our quest for social justice and equality.  #DrKing, #MedgarEvers & #JohnLewsi, our martyrs, cry together in shame. #StopTheViolence #SaveTheChildren.” 

Viewers of MSNBC and CNN must have wondered what the reverend’s tweet was about.

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