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Black male leaders warn Biden ‘will lose’ election if he doesn’t do this

VP Biden: Portrait shoot by Andrew “Andy” Cutraro. 459 EEOB Studio

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Various new outlets across the web are reporting about an “open letter” to Joe Biden, calling upon him to choose a Black woman as his Vice Presidential pick.

The open letter also very bluntly tells Biden that he will lose the 2020 Presidential election if he fails to pick a Black woman as his VP running mate.

The letter was signed by 100 prominent Black men, including everyone from celebrities to radio personalities and more.

The open letter also emphasized that they “stand in solidarity” with more than 700 Black women who last week signed a letter demanding that Biden choose a Black running mate.

In that letter, the signees said, “it is a fact that the road to the White House is powered by Black women and Black women are the key to a Democratic victory in 2020. Black women are not only the most loyal voters for the Democratic party—we are key to igniting Black voters across all demographics to show up in record numbers.”

“There has not been a Democratic presidential nominee in over 40 years that has won the White House without Black women’s leadership and vote—including President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, and President Jimmy Carter.”

The 100 Black male signers of the letter also expressed that it “disgusts us that Black women are not just being vetted in this VP process but unfairly criticized and scrutinized.”

Yahoo News states that the list includes names like Sean “Diddy Combs,” Chris Paul, Kam Chancellor, Van Jones, Nick Cannon, and Bakari Sellers.

Yahoo also says that the letter stated that the signees “don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils” or the “devil we know versus the devil we don’t.”

Fox News points out that polls indicate Biden holds a massive advantage over Trump among Black voters – but not as large as the margins enjoyed by Obama in 2008 and 2012 and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Although Biden has most likely picked a running mate, CBS News reports that Biden’s decision matters to voters that are not currently backing him in the battleground states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Seven in 10 of those who say they could consider supporting Biden say his running mate choice is important.

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