Pelosi Joins GOP Senator In Slamming Trump’s order On Virus Relief
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Pelosi Joins GOP Senator In Slamming Trump’s order On Virus Relief

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“When you look at those executive orders … the kindest thing I could say is he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or something’s wrong there,”  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, discussing President Trump’s decision to bypass Congress on coronavirus relief effort

Nancy Pelosi, D-California, was reported as slamming the President’s decision to bypass Congress and use what he called “executive action” to move forward on several Coronavirus Relief Packages.

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Although coronavirus relief package negotiations involving Democrats and Republicans have nearly ground to a halt, Fox News reports that ‘Trump announced a series of executive actions on Saturday to bridge the gap until a bill reaches his desk.’

The executive actions involved a renewal of boosted unemployment benefits that were scaled back to $400-per-week instead of $600-per-week, a 120-day eviction moratorium, a payroll tax holiday until the end of the year and an extension of student loan relief.

The decision to bypass Congress was made during a news conference at his private country club in Bedminster, New Jersey, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The President wasted little time during the news conference to blame the Democratic Party for his actions. “It’s $400 a week, and we’re doing it without the Democrats,” he said of the unemployment payment extension.

The Democrats swiftly responded to Trump’s statements, this time bolstered by members of the Republican Party.

Republican U.S. Senator Ben Sasse had this to say in a statement: “The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop.” He also added that “Under the Constitution, that power belongs to the American people acting through their members of Congress.”

“No, in fact, what the president did is — I agreed what the Republican senator said — is unconstitutional slop,”

Nancy Pelosi, D-California, addressing President Trump’s recent executive actions

The biggest thing holding up the next true Coronavirus Relief Package is the agreement on how much it should total out to. The Democrats initially sought to get a relief package of over 3 trillion dollars out the door.

Republicans seem to be split along the lines, with only half of them wanting another stimulus package at all.

AP News adds that both the White House and congressional Democrats indicated Sunday they wanted to resume negotiations, but no talks were scheduled.

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