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Chicago City Leaders Speak Out, Say Criminals Wreaking Havoc, Looting With ‘Confidence’

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 “Criminals took to streets with confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions. I refuse to let these cowardly acts hold our city hostage.”

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown

NBC News reports that more than 100 people were arrested, and 13 officers were injured in a riot that occurred in Chicago on Sunday.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown was quoted as saying, “This wasn’t an organized protest, it was an incident of pure criminality,”.

The rioting was believed to have been about a man being shot by police, who allegedly had fired at officers during a chase. Brown stated that “tempers flared, fueled by misinformation” about the shooting. Police started noticing social media posts encouraging looting and were then called to reports of a mob scene at about 12:20 a.m., he said.

Although the officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative duties, per police department policy, that not seem to be enough to people who were misinformed about the situation.

Fox News says that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the overnight events “an assault on our city” and telling criminals, “We are coming for you.”

“We are waking up in shock this morning,” Lightfoot said. “These individuals engaged in what can only be described as brazen and extensive criminal looting and destruction. And to be clear, this had nothing to do with legitimate, protected First Amendment expression.”

CBS News reports that the unrest began shortly after midnight in the Magnificent Mile, which is one of Chicago’s most-visited tourist attractions.

The article also mentions the stores miles from downtown were also ransacked, with parking lots littered with glass and items from inside the stores. Clothes hangers and boxes that once contained television sets and other electronics were seen – evidence that thieves had taken racks of clothes and removed them from the hangers.

Brown and Lightfoot also called on the Cook County state’s attorney’s office to handle the arrests from the looting seriously, arguing that previous arrests by Chicago Police from looting in May and June were not. With local prosecutors dropping cases, looters believed there would be no serious consequences for committing crimes.

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Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Police Superintendent Brown said police will not stand by and watch downtown Chicago become “someplace people fear.” He promised a “heavy police presence” to restore order, and said access to downtown will be restricted from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., effective Monday night.

The injured officers included a sergeant who was struck with a bottle and another whose nose was broken, Brown said.

Access to downtown Chicago will be heavily restricted today, with most inner-city bridges leading downtown to remain raised, as essential personnel and businesses conduct cleanup procedures.

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