Minneapolis Mayor Says He Urged Governor To Deploy National Guard, But Got This Response
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Minneapolis Mayor Says He Urged Governor To Deploy National Guard, But Got This Response

“He did not say yes,”. “He said he would consider it.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, speaking about the response he received from Governor Walz during the start of the protests/riots.

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When many think about the Minneapolis riots, one name has become infamous; Mayor Jacob Frey. Frey has borne the brunt of what’s widely been perceived as a massive mishandling of the protests/riots stemming from the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day.

The StarTribune says that during the start of the Minneapolis riots, E-mails and texts that Frey sent to the governor indicated the urgency of the matter, but that the state says the messages were “too vague”.

The news outlet also mentions that ‘Texts and e-mails obtained from Minneapolis by the Star Tribune through public records requests show the city was trying to give Walz and the state Department of Public Safety what they said they needed to move forward.’

By the time the protests had escalated into violence and looting on May 2, Frey said he had contacted the governor’s office to request the National Guard. No help came.

“He did not say yes,” Frey said of Walz. “He said he would consider it,” Frey said he again had to request support in written form from the governor’s office again the following Thursday, May 28th.

The governor’s office disputed several of Frey’s accusations, say; The Governor’s staff told Frey a verbal request cannot be considered an official request for the National Guard; the city’s request did not focus on protecting the Third Precinct, and the National Guard mobilized Thursday morning and was on the ground in the Twin Cities within 24 hours of Frey’s informal request.

Even if the governor’s office is correct, the StarTribune says that, ‘But eight hours later, only 90 National Guard soldiers were on the ground across the Twin Cities. By that time, officers had already evacuated the Third Precinct after it was besieged by protesters.’

A Fox News request for comment hasn’t been answered as of the writing of this article. Teddy Tschann, a spokesman for Walz, told the paper that the governor is a 24-year veteran of the state’s National Guard and “knows how much planning goes into a successful mission.”

Tschann’s statement made it seem as though the mayor’s office was not specific with its reporting on the events occurring on the ground.

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