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Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Fired, Arrested after Spitting into Police Officer’s Coffee

A Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Chicago, IL was arrested following an incident in which an Illinois State Trooper found a “a large, thick piece of mucus, which was later confirmed to be saliva” floating in his cup of black coffee, reported Fox News.  The incident occurred on the evening of Thursday, July 30.

The trooper, who remained unidentified, purchased a large black coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts’ 6738 West Archer Avenue location around 10:20pm.  “Due to the coffee being extremely hot, the Trooper removed the lid from the top of the cup to cool it down,” said a statement from the Illinois State Police.  The officer then noticed the mucus inside the cup.

A police investigation quickly determined, with the help of surveillance video, that Vincent J. Sessler, 25, of Chicago had spat into the officer’s cup prior to filling it with coffee according to the  Sessler was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, reckless conduct, and battery to a peace officer.  He remained in jail in the Chicago Police Department’s 8th district over the weekend while the investigation into his actions continued. 

Dunkin’ Donuts terminated Sessler’s employment following the incident.  In a statement released after Sessler’s firing Dunkin’ Donuts expressed their disapproval of the former employee’s actions.  “The type of behavior reported to us is inconsistent with the brand’s values. The franchise owner who independently owns and operates this restaurant informs us that he took immediate action to investigate the matter and terminated the individual responsible for this reprehensible behavior.  Dunkin’ has a deep appreciation for police officers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe, and the franchise owner has reached out directly to the officer to apologize for the experience,” the statement read.

Illinois State Police Director Brendan F. Kelly responded to the incident.  “This is outrageous and disgusting. The men and women of the Illinois State Police put their heart and soul into protecting the lives and rights of all people in this state every day,” he said. “They deserve better than this insulting and dangerous treatment.”  Kelly went on to say that Illinois State Police officers and other employees are barred from visiting the West Archer Avenue Dunkin’ Donuts for their own safety.

This incident came amid continuing protests against police treatment of minority suspects following the death of George Floyd in May while he was in police custody.  Police have been attacked physically and verbally by protesters around the country, most notably in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR where protests have become violent on numerous occasions.  

Dunkin’ Donuts announced on Thursday that it will close around 800 of its stores nationwide as sales have dropped during the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown restrictions placed on restaurants in many states.  In the second quarter of 2020 Dunkin’ Donuts’ sales dropped 20 percent, prompting the announcement of the store closures.

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