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Newly Unsealed Documents Claim Bill Clinton Spent Time on Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island

Former President Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet and stayed on Epstein’s private island according to claims made in recently released legal documents reported the New York Daily News.

The documents were released despite the efforts of accused Epstein madam Ghislane Maxwell’s legal team to block their release on grounds that it would seriously damage Maxwell’s chances for a fair trial.  Maxwell is currently in jail awaiting a scheduled July 2021 trial on charges of sex trafficking of children in her alleged role as madam and procurer for convicted sex offender Epstein.  Epstein was found dead in a high-security prison facility last August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges related to underage girls.  Despite the official ruling of the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office of suicide Epstein’s death has been the subject of much media and public speculation that foul play was somehow involved.

Some of the documents released Thursday dealt with Virginia Giuffre, who claimed that Epstein trafficked her in the early 2000s after being introduced to him by Maxwell when she was 15 years old.  Giuffre filed a defamation lawsuit against Maxwell in 2015.

Clinton was mentioned in records of a meeting between Giuffre and her legal team from 2011, reported Fox News.  Concerning an episode on Epstein’s Little St. James island Giuffre recalled, “I remember asking Jeffrey, what’s Bill Clinton doing here?  He laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor. He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke…He told me a long time ago that everyone owes him favors. They’re all in each other’s pockets.”

Through spokespersons Clinton has previously admitted to travelling aboard Epstein’s private plane but denied ever travelling to Epstein’s private island.  There are no allegations of inappropriate behavior by the former president in the released documents.

Maxwell has claimed recently that she had not been in contact with Epstein for over a decade, but the newly released documents include an email to Maxwell from Epstein dating from January 2015.  The email contains a suggested statement for Maxwell to issue in response to potential questions about her relationship with Epstein.  The statement reads, in part, “Since JE was charged in 2007 for solicitation of a prostitute I have been the target of outright lies, innuendo, slander, defamation and salacious gossip and harassment,” and that Maxwell was the subject of “false allegations of impropriety and offensive behavior that I abhor and have never been a party to.”

Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, is the daughter of late British media mogul Robert Maxwell who died in 1991 aboard his yacht while rumors circulated about him concerning financial problems.  After his death his publishing empire collapsed after banks called in loans he had taken out.  Maxwell’s companies were forced to file for bankruptcy in 1992.  Ghislaine Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing and her attorney has called the federal indictment against her “meritless.”

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