More Than 2,000 Portland Demonstrators Take To Street For 57th Night In A Row, clash With Feds

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Portland seems to want to take the “City That Never Sleeps” moniker from New York City. There have been 57 nights of protests in Portland, with no end in sight.

There were no reports of city Mayor Ted Wheeler showing up for last night’s protest. Guess he’d had enough tear gas exposure from Wednesday night. Maybe he didn’t want to appear to be a selfish, greedy city official. Perhaps his security detail had the night off? Who knows.

Protest Mobs Turn On Liberal Urban Mayors, Rejecting Their Support And Demanding Resignations

Teddy Wheeler did manage to muster the strength to fire off several tweets, his fingers probably nearly cramping up as he said things like “I saw what it means when the federal government unleashes paramilitary forces against its own people.”

Another of Wheeler’s tweets reads: “It is unconscionable and un-American. We are all committed to change – this must stop so the work can move forward.”

Does Wheeler think it conscionable and American to let a group of people destroy property, set things on fire, and contribute nothing but absolute chaos and economic instability for 57 straight nights to their city?

Protest Mobs Turn On Liberal Urban Mayors, Rejecting Their Support And Demanding Resignations

No worries, there was plenty of tear gas for everyone Thursday night, as federal officers deemed Thursday’s overnight demonstrations “unlawful” before they moved in to press people away, according to The Oregonian.

The article also mentions that some people threw bottles and other objects, including trash bags, over the fence surrounding the federal courthouse. Some of these so-called protestors seem more like paid lackeys, trying to prompt a response and get their 15 minutes of fame.

Fox News says that “Protesters had projected lasers on the building and attempted to take down a security fence that had been reinforced to keep demonstrators at a distance. The protesters moved away as clouds of gas rose from the area and flash grenades could be heard. In other instances, they used leaf blowers to push the noxious gas back toward law enforcement.”

The Department of Homeland Security had this to add: “Rioters also started to attack the fence surrounding the courthouse. In response, federal officers warned the perpetrators to stop their attempts to damage federal property. Instead, rioters threw garbage and other objects over the fence in response. Reports indicated that ball bearings were also being shot against the fence and at the officers inside the perimeter.”

DHS also said, “During the evening’s violence one CBP officer suffered a chemical burn resulting from a caustic substance thrown by rioters, another suffered a possible broken toe, one suffered a severe blow to his face from a hard object. FPS reported nine new injuries to officers as well. 9 total arrests were conducted by DHS officers.”

Here’s looking forward to night 58.

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