Seattle protests turn violent, twelve police officers injured.

A march through downtown Seattle became a disorganized riot on Sunday, reported  Two people were arrested in the mayhem that included property damage and looting, including that done to an Amazon Go store and a Walgreens.

Seattle police attempted to block off the entrance to Interstate 5 to prevent protesters from getting to the highway.  With their access to the Interstate blocked, the protesters turned around and returned to the downtown area where the violence started.

The Seattle Police East Precinct office was attacked by demonstrators.  Windows were shattered and an unidentified firework was thrown into the building, igniting a small fire.  The fire was put out before anyone was injured or any property damaged.

Seattle journalist Katie Daviscourt posted videos of the protest as it morphed into a riot.  Accompanying the videos Daviscourt tweeted, “Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter rioters are breaking into Amazon Go Downtown Seattle.  This protest has turned into a riot.”  Daviscourt captured video of armed Antifa militants riding around the city in unmarked cars.

A downtown Seattle Amazon Go store was ransacked and looted by protesters.  The store windows were defaced with spray paint and smashed to allow access to the interior.  As reported by Donald Trump, Jr., son of the President tweeted a video of the masked rioters and referred to them as “undocumented shoppers,” a reference to the term undocumented immigrants – an alternate way to refer to aliens illegally in the country, preferred by some mainstream news organizations.

In a tweet Seattle police said, “These are criminal acts, not peaceful protests.”  Accompanying the tweet were photos of damage done to local buildings including broken windows and graffiti spray painted onto walls.  

Police were targeted with thrown projectiles, including rocks and bottles.  Twelve police officers were injured during the events on Sunday, with one hospitalized due to neck injuries.  

This latest riot follows seven weeks of protests and demonstrations in Seattle in response to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in Minneapolis, MN.  Seattle was the home of the short-lived Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which later changed its name to Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).  CHOP was a “police-free” zone of several blocks that was shut down and dispersed after a pair of deadly shootings in the area.  The entire Pacific Northwest has been a focal point of protests that have escalated into violence.  In Portland, OR last week 13 people were arrested by agents of the Department of Homeland Security in response to reports of increasing violence in the city and the inability of the mayor and local officials to deal with the situation.

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