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Telegraph Local Exclusive: Michael Medved one on one

Bart Smith

Editor in Chief

Telegraph Local

In an exclusive interview with legendary talk show host, Michael Medved, we uncovered a buried treasure. Medved is a man who has been in the spotlight for a half century. He is a celebrated author who has penned many books. Medved is also a go to for so many of today’s political elites and the host of long time running radio show The Michael Medved Show. The show is syndicated from his home station KTTH in Seattle. Oh, one more thing, Michael Medved is also a film critic and way better than Siskel and Ebert could ever be.

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with him, one on one for our popular podcast, Politics Weekly. The trove of information and informed reality Michael Medved offered was refreshing, no doubt his charisma was at an all time high. He did not disappoint.

We discussed his new book God’s Hand on America: Divine Providence in the Modern Era. I will try not to “pull a Medved” and critique the book but I will say, it’s worth the read. We also covered some serious topics facing the nation today. Michael Medved was able to share his age and experience in hopes the broader population will breath it in and take a look around. To hear the 30 minute interview in its entirety, just click on the link below:

The wealth of information Medved shared was not only informative and direct, it was a real pleasure speaking with someone with such clarity and insight. As the United States finds itself at the crossroads of history, we need all of the reality checks we can get. If we wait much longer, there may not be a country left. His mind is definitely a phenomenon on it’s own playing field.

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