Biden Rolls Out $775B Plan For Universal Preschool, Expanded Child Care And In-Home Elder Care
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Biden Rolls Out $775B Plan For Universal Preschool, Expanded Child Care And In-Home ElderCare

“Visita de trabajo Joe Biden” by Presidencia de la República Mexicana is licensed under CC BY 2.0

With an ambitious plan for providing universal preschool and in-home eldercare for Americans, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign seems to be pushing forward through the election year.

The Fox News article mentions that “Biden’s campaign says the former vice president, if elected, will immediately provide states, tribal, and local governments with fiscal relief to keep workers employed and vital public services running, including direct care and child care services.”

Indeed, the 10-page document highlights the fact that Biden knows “how hard it is for millions of Americans who are just trying to make ends meet.”

The campaign document also mentions how “Biden believes that if we truly want to reward work in this country, we have to ease the financial burden of care that families are carrying, and we have to elevate the compensation, benefits, training and education opportunities for certification, and dignity of caregiving workers and educators.”

Who is Joe Biden?

Courtesy LBJ Library photo by Jay Godwin

According to his campaign website, “Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the son of Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden and Joseph Robinette Biden, Sr., and the first of four children.” He graduated from the University of Delaware, where he double majors in history and political science.

Biden was also Chairman or Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee for 16 years. He also served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 12 years.

The Obama White House Archives added: “As the 47th Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden has continued his leadership on important issues facing the nation and has represented our country abroad traveling over 1.2 million miles to more than 50 countries. Vice President Biden has convened sessions of the President’s Cabinet, led interagency efforts, and worked with Congress in his fight to raise the living standards of middle class Americans, reduce gun violence, address violence against women, and end cancer as we know it.”

The Fox News article also mentioned that “The proposal is the third part of a larger so-called “Build Back Better” economic recovery plan that Biden has rolled out over the past few weeks. He’s also called for spending $700 billion on American products as part of an economic nationalism plan – and a clean energy plan to eliminate all carbon pollution from power plants within 15 years.”

Biden’s speech has been posted to social media site including Facebook. You can also view the video below:

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