KFC Creating 3D-Printed Meat Of The Future
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KFC Creating 3D-Printed “Meat Of The Future”

By | Benn Written

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It seems we’re getting closer and closer to the replicator technology shown on the ‘Star Trek’ Series of TV shows and movies.

ZDNet says that the US fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken announced a partnership with 3D Bioprinting Solutions last week.

The article goes on to say that KFC and the Moscow-based company will aim to create cell-based “chicken meat” in labs that will be as “close as possible” to standard chicken nuggets, with final product testing of prototypes planned for fall. 

The eventual goal is to make the bio-printed meat taste and feel as close as possible to KFC chicken, according to the article on Vice.

In the article, Yusef Khesuani, co-founder and Managing Partner of 3D Bioprinting Solutions mentions that “3D bioprinting technologies, initially widely recognized in medicine, are nowadays gaining popularity in producing foods such as meat,”.

What Is Bioprinting?

Bioprinting, or 3-D printing as it’s more popularly known, is an additive manufacturing process where biomaterials such as cells and growth factors are combined to create tissue-like structures that imitate natural tissues, says the site All3DP.

The site also mentions the potentials of being able to create these tissue structures, saying, “The greatest importance of bioprinting lies in the resulting tissue-like structures that mimic the actual micro- and macro-environment of human tissues and organs. This is critical in drug testing and clinical trials, with the potential, for example, to drastically reduce the need for animal trials.”

Bioprinting will most likely become one of the most explosive and disruptive technologies in the near future. According to many new outlets, in a test aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in 2018, for example, 3D Bioprinting Solutions’ 3D printer was used to print human cartilage tissue and a rodent thyroid gland. 

What’s The Advantage to Bioprinted Meat?

KFC also mentions that the bioprinting method has several advantages. Biomeat has exactly the same microelements as the original product while excluding various additives that are used in traditional farming and animal husbandry, creating a cleaner final product. Cell-based meat products are also more ethical – the production process does not cause any harm to animals.

Raisa Polyakova, General Manager of KFC Russia & CIS added “At KFC, we are closely monitoring all of the latest trends and innovations and doing our best to keep up with the times by introducing advanced technologies to our restaurant networks. Crafted meat products are the next step in the development of our “restaurant of the future” concept.

KFC is certainly staying progressive, that’s for sure. Earlier in January, the food company announced a partnership with Beyond Meat to produce plant-based fried chicken in Tennessee and North Carolina.

CNBC says the product is 80 calories per piece and looks a bit like a fried chicken nugget, with a sinewy texture designed to feel like chicken.

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