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Jimmie Johnson Is Handling His Positive COVID-19 Results Like a Professional

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

No one is exempt from falling victim to the worlds supposed newest viral infection, and the rising number of cases in high profile individuals and athletes alike has proven such.

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NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson was one of many to get a positive result on his COVID-19 test results, but he’s treating it like a pure professional.

Johnson tested positive before this past weekends race at the Brickyard on Saturday, and will likely also be missing next weeks race in Kentucky as well to allow time to recover. 

Jimmie is one of the multitude, if not likely vast majority, of cases that has tested positive yet remained asymptomatic in regards to the viruses suggested implications on your health conditions.

“I know our country and the world right now is over quarantine and over all these technicalities that we need to deal with. But as a family that’s been very safe and very cautious, to end up testing positive, it just shows how diligent you truly need to be through all this.”

Johnson is on the verge of retirement with the topic of whether or not he returns for another season one of hot debate, but at this point it doesn’t seem too likely that he would even qualify for the playoffs this season. 

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This, however, could serve as incentive to return for another year and go out on a higher note than his current winless streak.

Austin Payne
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