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Biden says he is going to ‘transform’ the nation if elected

By Fabrice Pierre-Toussaint

Staff Writer for Telegraph Local | See my LinkedIn

On Sunday, vice president Joe Biden tweeted that if he gets elected, his administration “won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it,” raising brows as to what exactly he means. 

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It comes after a hectic Fourth of July in which the nation has been addressing the issues of Covid, the rising cases, and intense protests and demonstrations that further put a divide between Republicans and Democrats.

His critics from the left have expressed concern that he served in the upper echelon of government for over 40 years and didn’t help solve these major issues in the past. His critics from the right insist that a Biden White House will take marching orders from the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the party. Some conservatives say his vice president pick will be an early indicator of his administration’s direction.

 The tweet appeared to be embraced by supporters and was liked 140,000 times as of early Monday, sources from Fox News

Biden’s website lays out his plans to combat the coronavirus by offering, for example, the “wide availability of free testing.” The campaign says a Biden White House would offer Americans a “decisive economic response that starts with emergency paid leave” to help those affected by the virus.

“Biden wants to ‘transform’ America to CHOP,”  President Donald Trump’s eldest son said on Twitter, referring to protests in Seattle. “Open your eyes people. The radical left runs the party and they couldn’t be more clear with their intentions.”

Biden is currently leading Trump in most national and battleground state polls and has raised more money than Mr. Trump over the last two months, according to The Washington Times

Brandon Thompson will work as the Biden campaigns coordinated director. He is coming from Organizing Together 2020, a key player in the Democrat’s 2020 Florida ground game effort. The organization chaired by Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the state’s only statewide elected Democrat, is building operations in 30 of Florida’s 67 counties. Thompson served as the operation‘s top staffer after working on the failed presidential bid of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

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Florida Democratic Party executive director Juan Peñalosa was named a Biden senior adviser, though the presidential race has already been an all-hands-on-deck focus for the party he leads. Karen Andre, an attorney who comes from Organizing Together 2020, was also named a senior adviser. Her resume includes working for 2018 Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum’s successful primary campaign, according to MSN.

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