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Dallas Cowboys Star Threatens To Sue Sports Illustrated After Controversial Article

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliot threatened to sue Sports Illustrated on Monday after the media outlet supposedly posted a false headline, claiming that “Ezekiel Elliott Forgets to Log Off, Admits to Being High on Twitch: Traina Thoughts.”

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The article was in response to a comment Zeke made on the streaming platform Twitch, in which he claimed that he was “low-key faded” which was of course assumed to be referring to marijuana or something of the sort. 

Elliot later clarified and said this:

“Actually I was referring to the few drinks I had which I said during the live stream. Doesn’t that make this defamation? You guys will [be] hearing from my lawyers @SInow,” Elliott tweeted.

Apparently Elliot accidentally forgot to log off of the streaming platform before making the comments in question, with the full quote going something like:

“Bro, I’m low-key faded,” Elliott said while looking at his phone, before turning to his computer and realizing, “Oh no, I didn’t even end my stream yet.”

Let’s just say…without sports, news in the sports media world is a bit slow, and i guess Sports illustrated is just doing what they do best. 

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What will ultimately come of this? Probably nothing at all. 

Austin Payne
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