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CHOP murder victim Horace Lorenzo Anderson’s dad tells Hannity Seattle officials still haven’t called him

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Capitol Hill, Seattle, photographed from 9th and Pine in 2015. Image created by Dllu, CC By SA 4.0.

The father of CHOP murder victim Horace Lorenzo Anderson told Sean Hannity of Fox News that Seattle officials “still haven’t called him.” Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr. was killed in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest or CHOP zone last month. He was among a list of other African American teenagers who have been killed or wounded in shootings in the area over the course of past few weeks. Mr. Anderson was 19-years-old at the time of his passing. He was shot to death in the CHOP vicinity in the early morning on June 20. Mr. Anderson was killed in a crossfire shooting as shots broke out near Cal Anderson Park on 10th Avenue and East Pine street inside the CHOP zone. A 33-year-old man was also wounded in the shooting that killed Anderson.  This story appeared on Fox News within the last 24 hours. 

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Mr. Anderson’s father Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. spoke on the Sean Hannity show regarding the murder of his son. 

“They need to come talk to me and somebody needs to come tell me something, because I still don’t know nothing. Somebody needs to come to my house and knock on my door and tell me something. I don’t know nothing. All I know is my son got killed up there. They say, ‘He’s just a 19-year-old. No, that’s Horace Lorenzo Anderson [Jr.]. That’s my son, and I loved him,” said Mr. Anderson Sr. as quoted by Fox News. 

“The only way I found out was just two of his friends, just two friends that just happened to be up there and they came and told me. They weren’t even from Seattle. Now, mind you, I haven’t heard —  the police department, they never came …” also said Mr. Anderson Sr. as he was quoted by Fox News. He became tearful as he recalled the details and events surrounding his son’s death. 

Fox News has reported a series of deaths and woundings of teenagers in the CHOP zone. Within the last two days, a 16-year-old boy was shot to death and a 14-year-old was critically wounded. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best confirmed that both of the victims were African-American.

Chief Best has addressed the lawlessness of the CHOP zone on CNN speaking with Chris Cuomo. She spoke regarding the efforts to control “continuing devolving unlawful behavior” on July 1. Best states that she was empowered by Mayor Durkan with a “proclamation” to remove people from the area. Chief Best stated that the situation in the CHOP zone began as peaceful protest, but progressed into the murder of two teens, shootings, rapes, and other violence. Police were met with extreme resistance. Chief Best stated that people “going into the streets” is not the issue and not the reason for the police reoccupation of the area, but rather unlawful behavior was. 

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Chief Best has also shared photos of the immediate occupation plan for the East Precinct. These are available via her Twitter. Under the new reoccupation plan, the police are moving people out of the area and checking for “booby trap” or other militarized effects of the CHOP zone.  

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