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OP ED: Taking a Stand against being labeled a Racist

Bart Smith

Editor in Chief – Telegraph Local

The current climate in the political world is one of blame and denial. We as the general public and responsible members of society have to be able to take initiative and decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. We are the ones responsible, as individuals in stopping the madness and chaos that is currently incircling each of us in our daily lives.

 Dispelling the agenda that is being circulated by many of the media outlets. Brainwashing through scare tactics and making others feel vulnerable for disagreeing is not healthy, safe or productive. Each of us know reality, each of us knows, beyond reasonable doubt what is actually going on this election year. Each of us sees the smoke screen. In short, it’s time to take a stand. Let the politicians fight, let us stop. How can you tell when a politician is lying? They simply open their mouths…

Not a stand of ignorance, intolerance or dissolution but one of intelligent and logical thought processes, one of deferred judgement of others, one of reasonable awareness and one that allows you, as a person, an individual and responsible citizen to do the right thing. 

The vast majority of the population, whether white, black, hispanic, etc has not a racist bone in their body and each of the populous knows this. The reality is that most, if not all of Americans want nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with not just others but themselves. Each of us knows this yet each of us is being led down a road of fiction, one that creates anger and animosity with their neighbor, simply because of the color of their skin, not one of peace and tranquility no matter the color of their skin. The ladder was until recently exactly the case. It’s time to stop being brainwashed into believing something you are not.

Americans, as a whole, want to create a society that is safe and has the opportunity for fulfillment and personal and family growth. Simple security and freedom, Americans just want a chance. A chance to try and a chance to either succeed or fail but do so on their own. The vast majority of Americans simply live as Americans, no matter the color of your skin but by the content of character. MLK once changed the world with that phrase, oh how soon we have forgotten. The stark reality is that WE are the only hope of returning this country back to what it was just a few short weeks ago. A quality of life everyone has enjoyed, one that most other countries could never dream of achieving.

 The greatest attribute of America is if you do not like where you are, you have the opportunity to work hard to change your individual place in society, let’s not forget that, let’s honor that with hard work and utter determination. True grit always wins, not complaining about what you do not have.

Make no mistake, BLM is a political movement, if this were not the case, the moniker they live by would really mean ALL black lives matter, not just ones killed by white cops. In 2019, 9 black armed men were killed by cops, those are the numbers, like it or not those are the numbers. Out of those, 7 were considered justified, 2 were not and those cops are currently being held accountable. What happened to George Floyd was disgusting behavior, no rational American feels as though it wasn’t. By now we have all seen the video. The police offices are being held accountable. No one ever wants to see that happen. But what about the 17 year old African American boy killed by an illegal immigrant in 2008, his name was Jamiel Shaw. His father reached out to black leaders and received no attention. Why? Because Mr. Shaw was not killed by a white cop so there was no political value in the death. 

What about  3-year-old Mekhi James who was shot to death a few weeks ago in chicago by gang members? Not a peep from BLM over her death. Why? Because she wasn’t killed by a white cop. What about 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee who was shot to death in an alley by a rival gang? Not killed by a white cop so there was no political value. Where is his justice? Or his family’s justice? Or how about the over 250 black males shot over the past two weeks in Chicago alone? Not a peep from BLM, Mayor Lori Lightfoot or any democrat leader, why, because since they were not shot by white cops there is no political value.

If BLM was really about black lives, they would have a sub station in Chicago’s South Side today. But they don’t. They recently received over $50M in donations, yet not one penny of this money has gone toward preserving and growing the nuclear family in black neighborhoods where over 70% of black children have no father in the home. Not one penny of that money has gone toward addressing the reality that more than 70% of abortion clinics are located in inner city neighborhoods. Not one penny for African American education systems.

If BLM was really about ALL black lives, they would include ALL black lives. BLM could do wonders for black America but they don’t. And I guarantee you that moving forward, they won’t. Think about that. Stop being told you are the racist, I am quite certain you are not. It’s funny, when you open your eyes, how clearly you see. We all, no matter the color of our skin support black lives and ALL lives. ALL American lives. White people are not the problem, politicians and the media  are. And as a democrat voter myself, I am appalled and sickened by the current behavior.

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