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House Dem moves to impeach attorney general, citing Roger Stone case

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local

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Steve Cohen, OSCE Parliamentary Assemby, photo created by oscepa on February 21, 2020. CC By SA 2.0 license.

A member of House Democrats representatives  has motioned to launch an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General William Barr, citing the Roger Stone case. This was stated by Representative Steve Cohen via his Twitter at 10:22am on June 30. The blank form for the motion detailing the logic behind the impeachment inquiry is available via 

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“Today, I introduced #HRes1032, which would authorize an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Barr. He has politicized the DOJ, undermined the rule of law, abused his power, obstructed justice & violated the first amendment. He is not fit to be Attorney General. #ImpeachBarr,” said Cohen in a tweet that was posted the morning of June 30. 

“This measure calls upon @HouseJudiciary to open an inquiry into AG Barr under the same House rules applied during the #ImpeachmentInquiry into President Trump last year. Congress is a co-equal branch of government and must hold #BillBarr accountable,” also said Cohen via a tweet sharing  the link to the official resolution statement from 

Despite the fact that the House likewise moved to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump in recent months, Mr. Trump has not yet commented via social media regarding the Barr inquiry. 

Fox News called the motion to impeach Attorney General Barr a direct “targeting.” Fox states that Representative Cohen is a continuous critic of the Trump campaign. Fox likewise reported that Cohen directly referenced Barr’s involvement in the trial of Roger Stone. Barr played a role in the Justice Department’s decision to change the sentencing recommendations for Stone. Stone was charged with obstruction, lying to Congress, and witness tampering.

Cohen also cited Barr’s role in the removal of protesters from Lafayette Square and the St. John’s Episcopal Church rioting protests in Washington D.C. This is further citing Fox News. 

Yet, Cohen’s reasons seem to stem from a plethora of allegations and criticisms that the Tennessee Democratic Representative has against the Attorney General. Cohen also shared a post from Kyle Jaeger of Marijuana Moment stating that A.G. Barr’s impeachment inquiry also traces back to alleged repressive action he has taken against marijuana antitrust investigations. 

“A new House resolution calls for an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Barr, in part due to allegations about his biased approach to marijuana antitrust investigations,” said Jaeger in a tweet that was posted at 1:52 pm on June 30 sharing the story from Marijuana Moment.  

Other political activists joined in with Cohen with demands to impeach Barr. One of these was Noah Bookbinder, who is the director for activist group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

“Attorney General Barr’s actions present a clear and present danger to the democracy and to Americans, so @CREWcrew called for his impeachment. Important that, as the AG’s abuses escalate, @RepCohen and other key House members are now taking action,” said Bookbinder in a tweet that was posted at 11:19 am on June 30. 

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Citing Politico, Roger Stone’s sentencing delay request has been rejected by the judge. It was initially requested that Mr. Stone’s sentencing be delayed due to health reasons, but this has been deemed “controlled” enough that his sentence to be carried out. Mr. Stone will be sent to a prison that has not reported any cases of coronavirus. 

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