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House Dems attend White House briefing on Russian bounty reports

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Adam Schiff was one of those who had strong opinions regarding the value of the sources heard in the briefing on Tuesday. Adam Schiff photo from 2007, United States government, Public Domain license.

The House Democrats have attended a White House briefing on Russian bounty reports, as reported by CBS News and Fox News. The White House briefing was to address the allegations that the Russian military offered bounties to Afghan militants to kill U.S. troops. These allegations had already been denounced by President Donald Trump prior to this meeting. House Democrats have stated that “the right people” were not in the room to give them the answers that they were looking for. 

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“We need to hear from the heads of the intelligence agencies, about how they assess the allegations that have been made publicly. What can they tell us about the truth or falsity of these allegations? What can they tell us about steps they are undertaking or have undertaken to vet any information that they might have? So it might be the right people were not in the room to give us the kind of briefing that we needed to get,” said Adam Schiff, the Democratic Leader from California, as quoted by CBS News. 

Politico reported within the last 24 hours that the House Republicans were also briefed on the Russian bounty allegations. The House Republicans were briefed on Monday morning. The White House briefed eight Republicans on Monday morning. The Republicans briefings came after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer had demanded briefings be held. 

Mr. Trump and other officials in his campaign deny that Mr. Trump was briefed on the bounty allegations. CBS News cited Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe as the source. Officials in the Trump administration had reasonable doubt of the validity of these allegations. 

In the last 24 hours, President Trump has shared political commentary denouncing The New York The New York Times report regarding Russian bounties. Mr. Trump retweeted commentary from Marco Rubio regarding the issue. 

“Ironically many of those now politicizing the recent report in the NYT questioned,disputed &/or downplayed indisputable proof that #Soleimani had a long track record of targeting & killing American troops. They pick & choose what to believe based on partisan politics,” said Rubio, in a tweet that was posted at 6:03pm on June 29. 

Mr. Trump also shared the commentary of Geraldo Rivera who is a reporter at The Geraldo Show. 

“After enjoying big splash from sensational #RussianBounty expose, #NYT retreating to shore-admitting “the underlying intelligence was conflicting.” In 3 years of @realDonaldTrump all NYT/Russia reporting has been based on “conflicting” intelligence

-Also known as wishful thinking,” said Mr. Rivera in a tweet that was posted at 7:01am on June 30.

Mr. Trump had also shared Mr. Rivera’s previous commentary,

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“Here’s #RussianBounty story in a nutshell:

1-US raid randomly discovers wad of cash in Afghan hut (How much? In a safe? Under a bed? In Capone’s vault?)

2-Clever intell op exclaims, “Say I think this cash came from Moscow!”

3-During daily briefing @realDonaldTrump is told or not,” Mr. Rivera tweeted at 4:55pm on June 29. 

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