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Bronx basketball phenom killed in gunfire at birthday party

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, Burnside at Loring Place, Morris Heights, the Bronx. Created in 2012 by “Downtowngal“, CC By SA 4.0.

A Bronx basketball phenomenon has been killed in gunfire at a birthday party, Fox News reported within the last 15 hours. A friend has been quoted as saying that he was with Brandon Hendricks as he died. 

This friend was Hammand Singleton. Singleton  told Fox News that Mr. Hendricks asked for him to “call my mom” as he died. 

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Singleton, age 18, recalled the whole scene of his friend’s death to Fox News. 

“In the blink of an eye, me and my friends are running away. I turn around and he told me, ‘I got hit,’ and I just seen it. I grabbed him and said we can’t stop right here because there’s more shots going off. He stopped at the steps and we sat him down. He started wobbling. So, I sat him down. My friends took off his shirt and I’m holding that for him. I’m talking to him: ‘You’re good bro, you’re good?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m okay, I’m okay,” Singleton said, as quoted by Fox News. 

Singleton then recalled the final moments he spent with Hendricks before he was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. 

“He’s trying to smile. He’s trying to talk to me: ‘I’m good, I’m good. He said, ‘Yo, Bam, I love you. Call my mom. He just closed his eyes. He didn’t say anything else after that. That was it,” said Singleton, who goes by the nickname Bam,  in conclusion as quoted by Fox News. 

Brandon Hendricks was 17-years-old and was a star highschool basketball player, the New York Post reports. He graduated from James Monroe Highschool only last week. Mr. Hendricks was gunned down just before midnight Monday on Sunday, June 29. Fox News reported the time of the shooting as 11:50pm, Sunday. Hendricks was shot while attending a birthday party on Davidson Avenue near West 176th Street in Morris Heights, the Bronx. 

Mr. Hendricks was discovered by police officers, the New York Post reported. He had sustained a gunshot wound to the neck. EMS rushed him to St. Barnabas hospital and there he was pronounced dead. 

It is not yet clear to authorities what prompted the shooting. 

On Monday, Hendricks’ basketball coach used Instagram to address the community shock that followed the young all-star athletes passing. The initial memoir was posted to James Monroe Basketball’s official account. 

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“RIP Diddy ❤️

I have so many fond memories of the short time that I spent with Brandon while he was with us on this Earth. He was a charismatic, humble young man. He listened and respected everyone. He was an awesome team mate. Thoughtful, kind and caring. Full of life and positivity. I’ve never met anyone who had anything bad to say about him. He was a remarkable basketball player. Incredible handle and quickness. He was our leader on and off the floor for the past 2 seasons. Just graduated from HS two days ago. His whole life ahead of him…why did he have to be taken from us so soon?,” the post begins. 

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