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CHOP group ready to ditch encampment and take over abandoned police station

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local

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Above, a strip of Pike Street near Cal Anderson Park photographed by Joe Mabel in 2012. CC By SA 3.0.

The Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone, abbreviated CHOP, reportedly prepares to disembark from their current encampment and to take over the abandoned Seattle police station. This was reported by Fox News within the last 24 hours. The CHOP organizers attempt to refocus their protests toward a street that runs outside the East Precinct of Seattle. This will move the CHOP encampment away from Cal Anderson Park. 

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Fox reported that the shift in encampment location will come as insiders believe the current camp is becoming “difficult to manage.” They believe the current encampment is impacting the city’s response to their demands that police reform move forward. In recent events, business owners of the Cal Anderson Park location have filed a class action complaint with the City of Seattle against the CHOP, citing property damages, see enclosed video. Fox reports that the tensions between the CHOP movement and these locals is growing increasingly more contentious, and security is compromised. Fox News cited residents of the Cal Anderson Park area as their source. Fox was quoting Matthew Ploszaj, a resident near the CHOP, who spoke with KOMO News on June 28. 

KOMO reported that rumors had circulated Sunday regarding city crews coming to repossess the CHOP zone. They reportedly aimed to do so by removing barricades that the protests had constructed. The report stated that rebar loops that are used to move barricades have been cut on the fortified barricades. Boom trucks would be used to move the barricades out of the area. It has not been confirmed if the City’s move to retake the barricaded locations have prompted the migration. 

The movement’s leadership is likewise focused more so around the East Precinct. This makes a camp migration to this location a strategic move. 

U.S. President Donald Trump has commented on the CHOP zone occupation within the last 12 hours. 

“Seattle Looters, Agitators, Anarchists and “Protestors”, are now refusing to leave the “CHOP” Zone. They have ZERO respect for Government, or the Mayor of Seattle or Governor of Washington State! Not good!,” said Mr. Trump in a tweet that was posted at 9:15 am on June 29. This does not appear to conflict with the reports that the CHOP will leave Cal Anderson Park. The CHOP will not disband, but rather migrate. 

Members of the Trump cabinet have likewise commented on the politicized protests within Seattle.

‘Wasn’t useless Democrat Mayor of Seattle going to clear out Chop Zone after the murder last week. 

The worst NYC Mayor liked it so much he encouraged one right in front of City Hall.

This could be all over US, if you vote for Impaired Biden and Democrats.” said Rudy W. Giuliani in a tweet that was posted at 7:12 am on June 29. 

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan continues to maintain that social workers and other community health providers will replace police officers in some policing situations. 

“We want to continue to listen to the community on the types of programs – like nurses in shelters or SFD’s innovative Health One program – that we can expand while reducing SPD’s budget,” said Durkan in a tweet that was posted at 7:32 pm on June 28.

She has not directly commented on disbanding the CHOP zone via her Twitter within the last 24 hours. 

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Political discussion continues to heat up regarding Seattle. Meanwhile, those at the scene report that occupation of the city continues to be deadly. Conservative reporter Andy Ngo has stated via his Twitter that another shooting incident allegedly involving CHAZ security occurred the night of June 28. 

“Another person was reportedly killed at the Seattle “Autonomous Zone” tonight. Some on the ground say the person was shot and killed by CHAZ security. This is not yet confirmed. #antifa #BlackLivesMatter

Seattle Police say they are investigating,” said Ngo in a tweet that was posted at 6:14 am on June 29. 

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