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Man survives after knife stuck in head in NYC attack

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, a neighborhood of East Harlem, the district of New York City where the stabbing occurred. Photo created in 2009 by Madamechaotica, CC By 3.0.

A man has survived a knife attack after a knife was stabbed into his head. This occurred in Harlem, New York City on Tuesday, June 23, citing Fox News. The Harlem man escaped the knife attack with “minor injuries.” One of these “minor” injuries was caused by a kitchen knife that was left sticking in an upright position in his scalp. The incident occurred around noon on Tuesday at the crossing of East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem. The 36-year-old male victim escaped severe injury because the blade did not penetrate his skull.  Fox News cited local authorities as their source. 

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It was reported that a security worker at nearby Duane Reade pharmacy witnessed the attack and called paramedics from FDNY. 

The victim was transported to Harlem Hospital where he was reported stable. 

NYPD stated that the male victim depicted on video was the target of an attack that also involved a 34-year-old female victim. The female victim was slashed across the cheek. The two had gotten into a dispute with a male assailant. After the assailant slashed the female victim, he fled the scene. 

The New York Daily News reported the incident as a “mugging.” The New York Daily News reported more than one mugger approached the 36-year-old man and his 34-year-old female companion. There were reportedly two males and one female mugger. They demanded the female victims’ purse. There was only one assailant who wielded the knife. All of the muggers fled the scene after the slashings. The New York Daily News states that directly after slashing the female victim, the male assailant also slashed the male victim across his chest. 

The New York Daily News reported that the police were still searching for the assailants on Wednesday. 

New York Post reported that the man appeared to be completely calm at the scene after his attack. Bystanders flocked around in a panic, but the man spoke to them as if he was assuring them. He likewise refused to enter the ambulance. The New York Post identified the male victim as Roberto Perez. The female victim was not identified. 

Also citing Fox News, Perez’s attack was captured in a viral Instagram video. It was published by the marketing firm “fresh 20s.” The video immediately following the man’s attack shows him standing behind an ambulance. The large-sized kitchen knife is embedded in the top left-rear side of his scalp. His body was drenched in bright red blood that dripped down his neck from the wound in his scalp. The man also appears to have sustained other superficial wounds due to visible blood near the ear opposite his scalp wound. 

The footage captures several people crowding around attempting to get footage of the attack victim.  

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“He got stabbed in his head, yo, this is crazy,” says one man off camera. Perez attempts to leave the scene of the filming bystanders before he is intercepted by a paramedic on scene. 

One of the witnesses spoke with Fox News and described the gore of the scene captured by the Instagram footage. 

“He looked like he didn’t even feel it,” said the witness, who was not named on the record. 

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