US jobless claims worse
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US jobless claims worse than expected despite reopening

By | Rachel Brooks

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Above, the U.S. Labor Department offices are in the William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building. This image was created in 2014 by Fletcher6. CC By 4.0 license.

U.S. jobless claims are currently worse than were expected despite the economic reopening. This was reported by The BBC on June 18. A further 1.5 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. This came at a higher-than expected rate. It signals a deeper damage to the economy in the United States than was previously anticipated during the COVID-19 economic lockdown era. The BBC reported that this marks the 13th week in a straight row that U.S. jobless numbers have been registered above the one million mark. 

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In the wake of massive joblessness rates, and a resurgence of COVID-19 cases among the workforce, the U.S. Labor Department shared research from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. NIOSH gave some insights that clarify the reason behind some of the lingering poor employment return rates. 

“Several types of workplaces have reported outbreaks of #COVID19. Learn how we are using surveillance data to address COVID-19 in the workplace on the NIOSH Science Blog.,” tweeted NIOSH, as was retweeted by the U.S. Labor Department on June 16. 

Despite this information, and information like it that noted continued complications of COVID-19 among the American workforce, Forbes reports the industrial market continues to be positive. S&P 500 closed on a high despite the “worse-than-expected” joblessness claims. This was reported at 4:01 EDT on June 18. 

In the wake of a struggling economy, the U.S. President Donald Trump promised further aid to some national regions. Trump was particularly focused on key areas of the Department of Transportation across a number of states. Trump is pushing for a major infrastructure bill, as reported by The Hill in the past day. His push faced opposition in his own party, the GOP.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has warned the president of an increasing deficit in the Fed. McConnell has proposed instead moving a five-year reauthorization to the Highway Trust Fund. 

Nevertheless, Trump persisted, announcing his intentions in a rapid-fire series of tweets to the States. He sent a shout out to Michigan, Louisiana, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina’s York County, Tulsa, Port Tampa Bay, Florida, the Puget Sound Gateway Program, Port Houston, Texas, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Nevada, Mississippi, Florida, Delaware, Eagle County, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Anoka County, Minnesota, and Arkansas respectively. With this sweeping promise of federal relief to each of these state’s DOT’s, he stressed the job creation would follow. 

@TulsaPort, $6.2M is coming your way from @USDOT to bring major upgrades and improve rail transportation to the port. HUGE for JOBS and the economy in the region!,” said Trump in a tweet that was posted at 5:10pm on June 18. 

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“Proposing $73.7M to @wsdot for the Puget Sound Gateway Program from @USDOT. Will build “missing links” to the Ports and improve commerce and safety – BIG boost to the economy and JOBS!,” said Trump in a tweet that was posted at 5:11pm on June 18. 

In a series of rapid-fire tweets, Trump stressed that the Department of Transportation proposals would open up the regions in question from traffic congestion and thus bring workers back in. 

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